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Hanns-Jürgen Roland

The distribution of the Dragonfly- and Damselfly-species in Cambodia is poorly known. While the “Atlas of the Dragonflies of Thailand” (1999) shows over 300 species and “Checklist of Dragonfly from Vietnam” (2006) mentions over 230 species for Cambodia only about 112 species have been recorded so far. Only 17 references mentioning at least one Dragonfly in Cambodia with more or less exact locations has been found so far. Details about these reports you find here.

With this website, I want to promote Odonatology in Cambodia and share my knowledge with you. So far only one native Cambodian, Ms Sanh Sophoan a birdwatching-guide from the Sam Vaesna Center, has reported a new species for the country. When you visit the country or when you are living there, make photos of these beautiful insects and send them to me together with the geographic coordinates. Each photo will add to the knowledge of the distribution of Dragonflies in Cambodia. All data used here can be provided as dbase- or excel-files. Just contact me.



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